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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some answers to a selection of frequently asked questions by our customers. Find the question you would like to ask and please click on the question to reveal the answer:
I can’t find the product I am looking for. Can americansport get it for me?
American Sport is constantly updating the products available on our website. However, we have an extensive range of products available from our suppliers, so if you cannot find it on the site send us a message and we will look into it for you.
​If I don’t want to give my credit card details over the Internet, can I pay by phone or fax?
Unfortunately we are unable to take fax orders, but you can place your order over the phone if you want to. Customers are encouraged to use our website to place orders and to utilise our payment gateway security features.
​Is it safe to use my credit card on-line?
Yes, it is extremely safe. When transacting via our secure server, your credit card and personal details are encrypted using the latest industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128 Bit encryption technology before being sent over the internet. If you are still unsure about sending your credit card to us via the Internet, then we suggest you use one of our additional payment methods.