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Xenith Shadow

We will shortly be taking pre-sale orders for the new helmet from Xenith. Reserve yours with a $50 deposit. We are expecting these helmets to hit Australian shores in spring of 2019, reserve yours now to lock in a special introductory price. Details are still being released and we hope to have more news on this exciting new product in the New Year.

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The Xenith Shadow, our flagship helmet, is thoughtfully designed and rigorously engineered and tested for the athlete.


Xenith Shadow’s enhanced shock arrangement and materials are tuned specifically for the range of hits you experience on the field. Combined with an industry-first, novel polymer shell, this system absorbs energy and separates your head from the hit.


The internal Shock Matrix with thoughtfully integrated occipital and jaw components conforms to your head for a disappearing fit.


Internal padding that lines the adaptive Shock Matrix makes for easy on-and-off, and provides a distraction-free fit you’ll notice and then forget about.


Intentionally designed to provide balanced weight distribution, the Xenith Shadow feels light and responsive, allowing for quickness and speed to get you one step ahead.


As is true of all our gear, Xenith Shadow started with athletes.

First, we listened to players and coaches tell us what they want and need in a helmet. Then we dug deep into lab data, computer simulations, and materials science. We paired these findings with the needs of athletes and teams in real game-time situations. We evolved our core technologies to simplify the design of our Shock Matrix, improving fit and protection while increasing comfort and minimizing distractions.

The result is Xenith Shadow. All confidence, no distractions.