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Xenith Velocity Pro Light Shoulder Pads Introductory Price

New Product Release

this item can take between 4-6 weeks to be delivered sometime less if we have them already in stock at the shop when  purchasing 

Engineered for Making Plays

Xenith Velocity Pro Light shoulder pads are built for the athlete who needs optimized protection and a performance-centric design suitable for playing multiple positions on either side of the ball. At 3.5 lbs. Velocity Pro Light is the lightest shoulder pad on the market suitable for high school football to professional level athletes.

Fit style: Form-molded for close to body fit.

Padding material: Proprietary TPU Impact foam upper. Corrugated performance foam lower.

Weight: 3.5 pounds.

Coverage: Full length, full chest width.

Removable deltoid pads: Yes.

Removable clavicle padding: No.

Player type: Ideal for all positions, prioritize speed. Full coverage and best range of motion. 


Small: 16-17 Inches

Medium: 17-18 Inches

Large: 18-20 Inches

X-Large: 20-21 Inches

2X-Large: 21-22 Inches